The most sincere and earnest discussions take place in the kitchen. I realized this one evening when we baked gingerbread in the kitchen, and the kids started to talk about war. To be honest, I never believed that they thought about it. They were born in peaceful times, and they have only heard about wars at school, in the history lessons.

Of course, the Internet and TV feed thoughts to them. Each child has their own ideas and fears about war.

My kids talked long about the situation in Ukraine.


Kiril, 16, thinks there will be no war. Some people just like to talk and to frighten others.


Maksim, 12, asked: “When will the war begin, and will it be in Kyiv only? Or in our village as well? Are we going to eat humans, when we run out of food” The child’s questions made me shiver.


Kristina is 13. She hopes there will be no war. She hopes our soldiers protect us and everything remains peaceful. She can carry on going to school and socializing with her friends. And there will be no power breaks and darkness.


Zhenya is 15. His school gave information about bomb shelters and about what to do if evacuations start.

He said: “If war rages in Kyiv, how will I come home from my school there? If there are no buses, what can I do? Walk home to Pisky?” His eyes reflected fear and anxiety.

This was our kitchen talk… about the most important things. Kids worry and ponder much more than I imagined.

Maksim’s question: “Mom, where will we flee from war?” – it remains unanswered.

I sincerely hope that the talk about war remains just talk. My kids and I want to live peacefully in Ukraine. I hope that our knowledge about war comes just from the history lessons at school and that we can talk about bygone wars.

/ Mom Tanya

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