Become a Sponsor: Share your love with one or more children today. Opening your heart and becoming a sponsor is a simple yet powerful way to make a real difference. In a world full of challenges, your care is a ray of hope for children in Ukraine in need of support.

Direct Assistance: As a sponsor, you provide invaluable support to children affected by the war in Ukraine. Your help means food, water, medicine, fuel, and much more for a child and their family.
Long-Term Support: Your continued support offers children the chance for education and a brighter future, even under difficult circumstances.
A Personal Connection: You have the opportunity to form a personal bond with your sponsored child and follow their progress over time.

Becoming a sponsor is easy! You decide whether you want to support one or more children and fill in some information. Then, you become part of our warm sponsor family and start making a difference in children’s lives.

If your heart says yes, or if you just want to know more, you are warmly welcome to [contact us](link to contact page) or [sign up here](link to registration page). As a sponsor, you have the opportunity to provide one or more children in Ukraine with loving support and joy in their lives.

There are many children longing for a friend like you. By becoming a sponsor, you create a world of difference for a child in need. It’s an amazing experience that brings joy and hope, both for you and for the child you support!

The needs in Ukraine are immense due to the ongoing war. The Embassy of Children helps children in Ukraine: food, clothing, medicine, and much more. Sign up as a sponsor, for 300 SEK a month, you can make a difference for a child.

As a sponsor in the Embassy of Children, you contribute your monthly donation, which goes towards your sponsored child’s needs.

The needs vary from time to time, and your contributions go to whatever is most important at the moment: food, medicine, clothes, and more…