Welcome to Friends’ House A Cozy Haven in Piski, Ukraine

A Place of Laughter and Learning Imagine a big, warm house where every room is filled with laughter and bright smiles. This isn’t just any house; it’s Friends’ House, where kids can be kids, even when the outside world is scary.

More Than Just a House – We’re Family Here at Friends’ House, we share meals like a family, tackle homework together, and our Sunday school is a treasure trove of stories and games. And when things outside get scary, we’ve got a secret safe spot for everyone to hide and feel secure.

Our Journey So Far

  • 20 years of spreading smiles.
  • 42 children finding their forever homes.
  • Growing up and creating happy families of their own.
  • From an orphanage to a big, happy home.

Friends’ House Today Open doors for all kids, filled with love, learning, yummy food, and play. A safe place when life gets tough, and a fortress of coziness when sirens echo outside.