Dear Friend!

We are watching the daily news here in Ukraine – the situation is not good at all. The threat of war is quite tangible now. Some experts say there will be war, others say not. Nobody knows.

We need urgent help now for what a possible war will mean. We need emergency home supplies, cash money… If you want to help, please do it now – it may soon be too late.

As long as it is day, we must do the works of him who sent me. Night is coming, when no one can work”. John 9:4

Sinister speculations are everywhere. Who can know which of them are true and which are untrue? We compiled a few facts that are currently taking place:

  • Yesterday, the Council of Kyiv give an order to test the alarm signals in case of probable Russian bombardment.
  • Today, the checking of 5,000 bomb shelters started in Kyiv.
  • Today’s news is that 200 km east of the Ukrainian border, 122,000 troops gather, and at 400 km, another 143,000 troops.
  • Ukraine, too, is preparing to defend itself in the face of these threats.

If war breaks out

The threat of war already affects the everyday life of all here.

We in Friend’s House have prepared by purchasing some emergency home provisions and with some cash money in case of war.

We want to extend this preparation to the families with children whom we are helping if it comes to the worst. However, it is our sincere wish that the provisions can be distributed and the money used in a time of peace.

”Almighty and only God,

spare Ukraine for us!”

  • The spiritual anthem of Ukraine

Wishing you a Peaceful Christmas and New Year,

Boas & Mirjam Adolphi,

Founders of Children’s Embassy, Ambassador and International Coordinator

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