Our mission is to show God’s love to Ukraine’s children,

who are suffering a lot because of the war.

your help is needed

Sow a seed of hope

Spring is a symbol of hope and renewal. In Ukraine, as the fields and gardens begin to awaken, local families find joy and pride in working their lands – a part of their national heritage.

They need your help to acquire seeds, seedlings, and chickens. Your support offers war-torn families, evacuees, and brave mothers with their children a chance for a better tomorrow.

Help Olga and her children

The need of emergency food

Many children need medicin


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What we do & why

We do lots of cool things to help Ukrainian kids and their families. We have something called ‘Friend’s House’ in Ukraine, different aid programs, and for Ukrainian refugees who need more help, our ‘Lifeline’ program in Eskilstuna, Sweden is there for them.

Friend’s House

A safe haven for children
It’s a place where kids can laugh, play, and learn, even when things outside are scary. Want to know more about Friends’ House Learn more – Welcome to Friend’s House

Aid programs

Help to children and families to overcome the dark times.
Your help is more than food, clothes, and school stuff; it’s hope and comfort in tough times.

Urgent needs

These needs just pop up without planning. The plan – become a monthly donor.

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