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Greetings from Lyuda, mother of family Turchin


Our peaceful life ended on February 26th. Russian troops invaded our quiet village. On the first day, they drove their tanks and vehicles back and forth on the main street, shooting around them. The children ran to the cellar at once. The firing lasted for 3 or 4 hours… continue reading

Important matters… What my kids talked in the kitchen

27.01.2022 by:Tanya Verozub

The most sincere and earnest discussions take place in the kitchen. I realized this one evening when we baked gingerbread in the kitchen, and the kids started to talk about war. To be honest, I never believed that they thought about it. They were born in peaceful times, and they have only heard about wars at school, in the history lessons.

Of course, the Internet and TV feed thoughts to them. Each child has their own ideas and fears about war.

Tanya’s kids talked long about the situation in Ukraine.

You can read about it here


Warmth’ for givers and receivers


We Can’t Help Knitting

Dozens of kilos of thread have turned to beautiful clothes in the hands of Leena (left) and Anja.
Photo: Hannu Räsänen

Anja Joronen and Leena Koskela have a unique mission: they have knitted nearly 40 beautiful cardigans and pullovers for Ukrainians, plus numerous scarves and socks.

This time an internal refugee family from East Ukraine were receivers of the gifts

We are a family from Luhansk; we fled from the war in 2014, not knowing where, we left everything: my good job, our nice home, our life… We were on our way to nowhere, and we had hardly anything with us. I experienced seven long years of wandering and destitution. When I found myself far away … Read the whole story here