Make children's winter warmer

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The First Snow

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Viktor drove from Pisky to Kyiv yesterday. It began to snow. Lines of cars started forming. With more snow, cars started colliding with each other - 500 collisions were counted in Kyiv alone. The snowplows could not work, as the streets were full of cars. Summer tyres did not help in the first snow. There

Warmth from Sweden

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Three suitcases full of warm clothes that bring much joy and warmth to children in Ukraine. Heartfelt thanks to: Kungsörs Återvinning & Secondhand, Ukraine International Airlines, and all who gave knitwear and shoes to us. Your gifts will make the winter warmer for children. / Tanya    


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I'm Anya, three years old. I have Mom, two little brothers and Grandma. Mom and I go to hospital twice a year, because I need treatment and examinations. And massage and therapy. I have many health problems. My Mom is the best mom in the world. She has not forsaken me although I'm handicapped. And

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