Make children's winter warmer

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A nice week

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Yess! Our winter holiday continues with the school quarantine. I visited my cousin. To celebrate the extra holiday, I decided to try spectacles. The power of these was 0.0. "Shedrivka" means singing from door to door. It was nice and cool. I'm ill and will not go out. Mother said it is cold and I'll

Ilya needs acute help

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Three-year-old Ilya broke his collarbone and needs acute surgery. His mother has no money for the operation and nobody to help her. Even a small contribution helps. Ilya needs our support and our prayers now. Mother has a difficult year behind her: she broke her leg twice. Let's not leave this family alone.

New year, new adventures

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New year, new adventures Our minibus stopped totally and was transported to Kyiv on a recovery vehicle together with Viktor Pavlovich. The Lada is also in a repair shop. A neighbour was driving Nadya and Natalia to work, when his car stuck in the snow. They needed a tractor to tow them away. The ladies

I wish you all a really Happy New Year !

– Posted in: Adolphi's blog

Dear Friends, 2018 is history, 2019 is marching in. In our mission that God has given us here in Ukraine, we meet different kinds of people Families with children in need. who lack the most basic for a daily life Children who are subjected to domestic violence due to alcoholic parents. Children who lost their

Thank you for the year 2018

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The children wrote their New Year greetings: Happy New Year and a Merry Christmas, I wish you a strong health, success, riches and love, I wish you always to be beautiful, thank you that you are out there for me, I wish that your dreams come through, joy, many smiles, long life, many Christmas packages

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