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Firewood is needed

– Posted in: Help families

A single mother of six turned to us to have firewood for her family. Mother Olena participated in the defence in eastern Ukraine. She is renting a home in Bobrovitcha now. Father is not living with the family and he is unable to support them. Mother does her best to provide clothes and food for

Hot news from Kyiv

– Posted in: What´s new in Ukraine

We had hot water again today - this is our hot news after three months of only cold tap water in the district. When my daughter Kristina wanted to take a bath, there was only rusty brown water, but it was warm... No need now to save the hot water from kettles and teemakers for

Academy, studies, euphoria

– Posted in: Children's blog

Katya is studying in the Acedemy of Dramatic Art in Kyiv. One month of adult life is behind me. I'm full of new experiences and new knowledge. It's impossible to describe the euphory of the artistic atmosphere. The saying has proven true that teachers are our second parents. They are easy to relate to, and

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