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Happy School

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Tanya's team led the Sunday school again. The kids always have nice and interesting things to do with them. Every Saturday brings something new, and the warm smiles, fascinating films and cheerful games indoors and outdoors are something the kids love. Our Sunday school is a Happy School./ The Team

Thank you for helping

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After the horrible fire, we lived in the summer kitchen. We had no money to connect electricity there. It was so difficult, as if we were living a hundred years ago. Can you imagine what it is to live with three children without electricity?Now I wish to sincerely thank everyone who helped my family. May

Cooking, photographing and presenting!

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Sveta of the youngster group in Friend's House presents us her cooking skills and tells us about herself. Hi!It's spring and the sun is shining. I love cooking. Here you see my special chips. They are just lovely. I also made salad Olivie with a surprise. I make salad Olivie with a surprise Time for

Team working and resting

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After the long Women's Day weekend, our team is at work again, although not quite full. Sveta and Katya have a holiday. We are writing letters to our regular donors and the children's sponsors. We take photos, and the children contribute with their greetings and drawings. The spring action for seeds and plants and chickens

It’s easy to do good

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May God bless all you who are not indifferent to children's needs. Your help is valuable and necessary. Thank you for being part of Zhenya's life. He has glasses now, and his sight will probably be saved. Mother Maria gives thanks for the medicines, too. Medicines and glasses are so expensive that she could not

Youngsters getting on

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The youth group in Friend's House in action.The youngsters are more creative than we are; they have their new approaches. They have learnt to use Instagram with all its functions. It's interesting and fun to be around them. Sveta took some fascinating photos and tells us about her life./ Tanya Hi, I'm Sveta. I'm 14

Spring is Here

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Once a month, we buy groceries for the children in Friend's House and Sunday school. This means much to them.Our storage for humanitarian help items is being scrubbed from top to bottom.The dance group is preparing for a dress rehearsal on Thursday and for the great premiere in the Women's Day feast in the village

“I have lunch at school”

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Your donations provide warm lunches for 46 schoolchildren. Thank you for this significant help, the children are grateful. - The food at school is so good that I want to take more./ Arsen, 7 - I no longer have stomach pain now that I have lunch at school. I used to eat at home after

Life in Friend’s House

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The social welfare services in Bobrovitcha asked us to help a family whose house burned down. The dance club is preparing a performance for Women's Day. The dress rehearsal on the stage takes place this week. The children read fairy tales and discuss their heroes daily in Friend's House. The food prices have soared by

How to make friends with a horse ?

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My best friend is Mayor. I love it. We have a small farm, and I help grandmother and uncle in the work. Best of all are the horses. They understand and know everything, and they are kind. May I introduce my friends: Selfie with my dog Jack Out with Mayor Our horse Aza Cat Murzik

Planning, working, enjoying

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Thanks to our generous friends, we could provide firewood for all the families who needed them. Winter is soon ending, and we are preparing for the spring activities./ Sveta There is still some snow, but the kids are impatiently waiting for the football season./ Viktor We made Valentine cards recently, and now we are making

Having a good time

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On Mondays, the Instagram team bustles around in Friend's House. They are youngsters who can tell lots of interesting things about the life in our village. The younger ones are not bored, either - everyone has their favourite games. And there are the dance lessons./ Nadya

Hi, I’m Kolya!

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I love football, the nature and Friend's House. In Friend's House, Nadya Mihailivna helps me with the homework. I could not manage it alone at home. I'm in the 8th grade at school. When I finish school I want to become carpenter or YouTuber, but there's still time to think about it. Photography is nice.

Challenge accepted

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A good night’s sleep, healthy food, minimum Internet time, much love and understanding – this is the basis of a child’s mental health. I learnt this on Jennifer’s interesting lectures. We cannot change everything, but we can help and support a child./ Tanya Great informationThank you Jennifer for coming from Sweden to teach us recognize

Thanks for the warmth!

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Our Dad died recently. It is difficult for Mom, and we miss him much. We received a lot of firewood, and now our home is warm. Thanks for the warmth! Here I am with my sisters and Mom, happy of the firewood. / Ruslana, 10

Thanks from a family

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Mother of three turned to us for help. The social allowance was not enough for buying firewood. She went through the snow and frost daily to find something to heat the house with.Today, they received plenty of wood. Mother and children thank all warm-hearted helpers. / Viktor Skripetch

Julia interviews 12-year-old Dasha

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Dasha: "I love animated films, cats and delicacies." Young artist Dasha left her home in eastern Ukraine and moved to Chernigiv province four years ago. She tells us about her film heroine, her love of cats and how she slept in the potato cellar. Why did you move house?"I was 8, when we had to

Winter in my village

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Illustrated greetings from SvetaWinter here in Pisky is great. Here are a few photos. Wintry spruce The school library My little sister going to school Winter swim to commemorate the baptism of Christ Sunset in wintry forest I want to touch the sky Our winter here is fabulous. Friends are invited to see it! Winter

Meet Nazar and Kyrill

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These boys are planning to be building constructors. They are already training in Friend's House and telling us about the houses of their dreams. Kyrill is going to build a three-floor house of straw and invite lots of friends there.This sounds great. Perhaps this is the beginning of two architects' careers.Nazar and Kyrill send everybody

On Monday mornings, we have a team meeting

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We begin the day with prayer and Bible reading together.On Monday mornings, we have a team meeting. All the week's work needs to be planned. Relief work, Sunday school, work in Kyiv and any urgencies.This time, a family with three children needs firewood. Their home is cold.We have the money for the wood, but nobody

A nice week

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Yess! Our winter holiday continues with the school quarantine. I visited my cousin. To celebrate the extra holiday, I decided to try spectacles. The power of these was 0.0. "Shedrivka" means singing from door to door. It was nice and cool. I'm ill and will not go out. Mother said it is cold and I'll

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