I’m school teacher by education. When Mirjam and Boas asked me to work in Friend’s House last year, my first question was what kind of work. They told me I’d work with children, and I agreed immediately. That is the work I know well.

To be honest, work among children isn’t always easy. After all, they are different in age, in character and in their preferences. But that’s just what makes ithem interesting.

Friend’s House

Every day, it is with joy that I meet the children in Friend’s House. We play interesting games, we read stories and riddles, and there is no end to the children’s questions.
All this unites the children and makes them true friends. I love working with children.

It is war

The morning of February 24th. War. I don’t believe it, I will not believe. But when a column of tanks roared through our village at about 5 pm on March 5th toward the next village, it was obvious that we were in war. The tank columns kept moving day by day, almost all the time.

On Sunday, March 27th, they started shooting determinedly. Houses burnt. The Orcs shot, they aimed at all the houses. My friends and I ran…

We stayed overnight and then decided to flee to another village. It was slightly more peaceful there. We returned in five days, after our village had been liberated.

For a long time, nearly a month, I kept hearing the roar of the tanks in my ears. We didn’t turn the lights on, although the power had returned to our village. The sound of each passing vehicle made me want to hit the ground.

How could I, and how could anyone among the Ukrainians, believe that the Russian aggressors would intrude our country? That was unthinkable.

Life goes on

The summer was restless. The autumn is no less restless. The worry isn’t away, but life goes on. The children need their school. Some of them have a few classes daily, some of them study remotely.

We welcome the children in Friend’s House daily. All the time, we are prepared for an air alert. We are ready to take the children to the shelter quickly and without delay.

We hope to see a peaceful time when the children can play under a quiet sky.
Listening to the news now, we hope all Ukrainian territory becomes free. We look forward to the victory by the Ukrainian Army.

Raisa Mykolaivna

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