Welcome to Our Spring Campaign: “Plant Today, Harvest Tomorrow”

Join Our “Plant Today – Harvest Tomorrow” Campaign

This year, we invite you to participate in our impactful campaign. Spring is a symbol of hope and renewal. In Ukraine, as the fields and gardens begin to awaken, local families find joy and pride in working their lands – a part of their national heritage.

They need your help to acquire seeds, seedlings, and chickens. Your support offers war-torn families, evacuees, and brave mothers with their children a chance for a better tomorrow.

What if they have nothing to plant or can’t afford to buy seeds? With your help, they can purchase seed packages. Each seed package is an investment in the future, ensuring Ukrainian families have food on the table. Join us – sow hope and build a future.

Our “Spring Planting” campaign is carried out in three phases, designed to support the families according to their needs through different stages of planting:

Phase 1: Seed Purchase
Join us by contributing to the purchase of seeds, giving families the means to start sowing. We need approximately $10 per family. This phase ends at the end of March.

Phase 2: Seedling Purchase
Your contribution helps with buying seedlings, an essential step to ensure the health of the plants and a good harvest. Around $10 per family is allocated for this stage. This phase concludes on April 13th.

Phase 3: Chicken Purchase
For about $95 per family, we can secure chickens, a crucial part of achieving self-sufficiency. This phase ends around May 10th.

Every Step Counts

You can participate in the collection step by step, ten euros at a time. If ten euros is too much, no worries. Any help is needed.

Your Contribution Makes a Difference

Your donation, big or small, is valuable and makes a real difference. Together, we can help Ukrainian families build a sustainable future.

Thank You for Joining This Journey

Every contribution, whether in the form of seeds, seedlings, or chickens, brings us one step closer to renewal and hope.

Warm regards,

Mirjam Founder, International Coordinator

P.S. If you want to participate, do it now. Planting time in Ukraine is earlier than here in the North.