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Team meeting in Kyiv

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This week, our team met at a hotel. We usually have the weekly meetings via Skype, but now we met live. The team was full of strength and ideas after the holidays. We started from the most important: Bible reading and prayer. We made plans of how to best help children in need. Many mothers

Your help is needed

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My son Roman is autistic. We moved from the city to Pisky village where he could go to a normal school. He settled and adapted nicely. He has advanced in his emotional expression and communication with adults and children. Roman is 12 now, and hormonal changes are taking place. He needs help to adapt to

Father Frost is not coming

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This year will not, "Father Frost" (equivalent to our Santa Claus) come to the Ukrainian children. He is branded as a Soviet symbol, and therefore will not be allowed in Ukraine. Also his grandchild Snowflake, is banned. How do you explain this to the children, who have been waiting for them to come with the