With your help, many families with children received food and gifts for their children.

Each visit to the homes brought much joy. The families are grateful for the miracle they experienced.

Mother Oksana’s words:

Photo: Katerina

My dear friends,
warmest greetings from my family!
I wish you all a happy New Year and Christmas. May you experience consolation, sincere love, peace, a long life, health and well-being.
Dear friends, with tears in my eyes I thank you for your understanding and support over the years – you have not forgotten us. I love you dearly. May God bless and keep you.

Our Christmas food campaign consisted of three phases. Part of the families came shopping with us. Some could not come, so we bought the groceries and took them to homes.

The campaign took three days during which we had the privilege of bringing much joy to children.

Nastya’s thanks:

Photo: Katerina

It is a joy to me to see the happiness for the Christmas gifts in the eyes of my children. Many thanks to you for the season’s joy!
Sincerely, mother Nastya and children

Alyosha’s Grandmother says:

Photo: Katerina

Warm thanks for your help. I always remember your goodness, and I wish to pay it back one day. You made it possible for us to lay a good festive table. Thank you for being with me.

Mother Viktoria and children:

Photo: Katerina

Sincere thanks for the children’s New Year and Christmas gifts. Your help is valuable to us; it is a veritable blessing from the Lord. Season’s greetings to you!
Faithfully, mother Viktoria and children

Photo: Mirjam
Photo: Tanya

We also had a party in Friend’s House. The children greeted our guests with Christmas carols, and then we had a festive meal. Everything tasted so good! Surely there were gifts, too?

Photo: Mirjam

Each and every child had sweets and a small gift for Christmas.

/ Katerina, programme coordinator

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