Sveta coordinates the Children’s Embassy help programmes for children and families in Kyiv. I hope Sveta’s words will help you understand life in Kyiv…

“Things may look normal on the outside, but every explosion is a reminder of the constant presence of war. When bombs fall on houses, apartments or shops – the location doesn’t matter. We all feel the pain. Everyone hopes in their hearts that it’s over.

Days are easier to bear, but nights… Nights are hard – fearing that this night could be the last one for you and your children.

Children know what war is, they know Putin’s name and understand what the russians are doing in Ukraine. It hurts, but it’s reality.”

P.S. Fundraising for children and families is underway. We are collecting money for warm clothes, firewood and other essentials in these difficult times. Read more about how you can get involved on our website.

Life here in Kyiv writes its stories

You read about Sveta’s life in Kyiv yesterday. Today, she is sharing more of her everyday life in the throbbing metropol.

🏙️ Life here in Kyiv writes its stories – each day is a battle, each day stretches your strength. In spite of the war, you have to make life roll on one way or another.

The minimum wages in Ukraine is 6,700 UAH, about 173 €. Sounds much? Let Sveta tell you more…

A quick call to the grocery store? It will take at least 400-500 UAH (10-13 €). 🛒 The everyday life is not a bed of roses; it’s constant balancing.

During the cold winter months, mere heating takes almost half of the wages – 3,000 UAH (78 €). ❄️💸 And we haven’t even touched on children’s clothing or the invoices that keep filling the mailbox.

Living from one day to the next makes you choose: either you pay the invoices or have food on the table. 🍽️ Loans become a heavy burden to bear.

But in the midst of all the hardships, there is hope. 🌱 And you know what? That hope comes from you.

🙏 Your support, your caring heart and your invaluable generosity make a difference. They give moments of relief and joy to these families whose existence is a battle.

In front of us, we see Tanja, a mother whose strength shone brightly even under last year’s chilly winter blanket. A time when help reached out, warmed more than just bodies, and provided hope where it had once been lacking…

So – thank you from the bottom of my heart. 🕊️ With warm and deep gratitude, Sveta❤️

P.S. Our campaign ”Warmer Winter” continues to buy Ukrainian children and families warm clothes, firewood and other essentials that really make a difference in these difficult times.

Use MobilePay: 60245

Read more of the campaign Warmer Winter in our website


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