Make children's winter warmer

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Tanya Verozub

Planning, working, enjoying

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Thanks to our generous friends, we could provide firewood for all the families who needed them. Winter is soon ending, and we are preparing for the spring activities./ Sveta There is still some snow, but the kids are impatiently waiting for the football season./ Viktor We made Valentine cards recently, and now we are making

Challenge accepted

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A good night’s sleep, healthy food, minimum Internet time, much love and understanding – this is the basis of a child’s mental health. I learnt this on Jennifer’s interesting lectures. We cannot change everything, but we can help and support a child./ Tanya Great informationThank you Jennifer for coming from Sweden to teach us recognize

Meet Nazar and Kyrill

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These boys are planning to be building constructors. They are already training in Friend's House and telling us about the houses of their dreams. Kyrill is going to build a three-floor house of straw and invite lots of friends there.This sounds great. Perhaps this is the beginning of two architects' careers.Nazar and Kyrill send everybody

On Monday mornings, we have a team meeting

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We begin the day with prayer and Bible reading together.On Monday mornings, we have a team meeting. All the week's work needs to be planned. Relief work, Sunday school, work in Kyiv and any urgencies.This time, a family with three children needs firewood. Their home is cold.We have the money for the wood, but nobody