The times are rough in Ukraine. The men are fighting at the front, and the women and children strive to survive in the shadows of the war. But there is hope – you can help.

We can understand the scale of the crisis as russia continues its invasion, when we think of how many children have been forced to leave their homes. (You may have noticed that we no longer write russia with a capital letter. It is no mistake, but the new rule in Ukraine. You will guess the reason why.)

Families cannot afford the very basic needs. Warm clothes, footwear and firewood are in high demand. When the winter gets tough, the going gets rough.

Spread warmth: Your help is needed now

Would you like to help make the cold winter days warmer for Ukrainian children and families? Your contribution becomes a valued gift in the form of clothes, shoes or heating.

The war has made the life of many families a misery. It is hardest for those who had to flee from their dear homes. They are soon facing a cold winter. You have the opportunity to give warmth in the hearts and homes of those who urgently need them.

Meet the needy: We get several appeals for help weekly

Today, 15 families turned to us asking for firewood. We know these families since many years and know that their needs are real. They need warmth for their children during the winter months.

Meet the Lamazyan family

We visited the Lamazyan family with four children recently. The father is disabled and can no longer work fully to maintain his big family. They need our help now.

Meet the winter: The challenges increase as frost creeps closer

The weather gets colder day by day, and the heating season starts soon. The families’ incomes are not up to their expenditure, and many live below the poverty limit. The war that russia started and is continuing affects everything.

Learn about the facts: Internally displaced people have left everything behind

Many families have been forced to leave their comfortable homes. They came to our villages as idp’s with empty hands. The numbers are growing, and the situation is worsening as winter approaches.

Learn from the past: Experiences from last winter

Last year, we gave blankets, winter coats and other necessities to families in our villages, and they survived the winter even with breaks in power and heating. Ukraine is now expecting an even worse winter, and the help is urgently needed.

Start a campaign: Our autumn campaign “Warm Winter” is starting

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Join us: Your help makes a difference

We can join to give Ukrainian children warmth and hope when they face the winter. Your help makes a difference, and we are grateful for each contribution.

PS: Help us spread the message by sharing this post in your network. Each share increases the awareness and helps us reach our goal: We want to give the children and families the support they need this winter.

/ Mirjam

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