Hi, I’m Katya

I’m in charge of the relief work of Children’s Embassy in Ukraine.
Helping is my vocation. I know what poverty is. I know what it is for a child to have nothing to eat or to need something that just is not there.

Thank you for helping a child go to school. Poor children are less well equipped than others. They feel inferior. Your help is especially valuable now. Many families remain without provider. The war has changed everyone’s life, and those who could hardly manage in peace times have it very tough now.

Kids and their mother are thankful for your support

Thank youu for your help and support in these difficult times. You heard our cry for help. Thank you for the school clothes. We are thankful that you are not indifferent to our problems.

Another few kids received what they need for school. Thank you for helping buy clothes, shoes and school materiel. The kids and their mother are thankful for your support.

May God give us a peaceful sky!

Happy news in these less happy days. The school campaign is on. Some kids in the villages have already received help.

Sincere thanks to you who have helped buy school things for Ukrainian kids. We do hope that our children will be able to study in a peaceful Ukraine in the near future.

Another couple of happy kids were helped by the school campaign. We purchased the necessary clothes, shoes and school materiel for them. They and their mothers are grateful.
May God give us a peaceful sky.

The school campaign is continuing. If you can, come and help kids in Ukraine get the support they need.

Our campaign takes place in exceptional circumstances due to Russia’s aggression in Ukraine.

We have lots of plans

Now that the weather is getting cool, we are planning our campaign “Warm winter”. The families are already asking for coats and other warm clothes, wondering how they can survive the winter. Firewood is needed. The frost is not far away.

Many of our families consist of mother and children. They only receive the social welfare grant. Firewood and clothes are very expensive, and the grant is not enough for them.

Friend’s House

Friend’s House is welcoming children. Another three kids want to come. We have prepared many interesting things here. The children will play in the garden, jump on the trampoline, play games, read books, join crafting and drawing circles, and do many other nice things.

When the air alert sounds, we and the children must run into the shelter. We have an ordinary cellar in the yard, but it was turned into a shelter. We wanted it to be less horrible for the children. There is now water, electricity, a toilet and benches to sit on. The kindergarten staff painted the walls. Our shelter also serves the kindergarten and the lowest school classes. Let’s hope we never need to sit there.
I don’t want to feel that fear ever again. We hope for peace and no more war and violence for the children.


The team lifted potatoes, and the harvest is good.

Relevant this week

This week, we celebrate Mirjam’s 70th birthday here in Ukraine, although she is in Sweden.

We are going to Kyiv for our third covid vaccines. At the same time, we buy iodine and vitamin D. Covid is spreading again, and now we have a threat of radiation.

All mail is sent and received in Kyiv, because our village post office is not working.

We need to look for the bright and beautiful. We are happy to keep on breathing and to be able to help others.

Thank you for staying with us. Side by side, we can help the children.

Katerina, leader of relief programs of Children’s Embassy in Ukraine.

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