It’s a long time since we had Sunday school in Friend’s House. The kids have been waiting for this day so much. They missed each other and the teachers.

Now that Sunday school started again, the day was filled with joy and God’s blessings.

Narrated by the children

I haven’t been to Sunday school for a long time. It was so nice to come again and meet my friends.
Misha, 10

I just love our teachers. It was great to be Maria in the show. I’m already looking forward to the next time.
Nastya, 14

I believe in God and that he loves me and everybody else. I missed my friends and the teachers. And I’m so happy to be in Friend’s House again.
Vika, 11

I’ve waited for the Sunday school to start so much. It was lovely. I have friends here that I hadn’t seen for a long time, and I missed them. And the teachers, they are just fantastic.
Ruslana, 13

See with your heart

The kids sing, praise God, make sketches, read the Bible and feel God’s love and care. They have a warm lunch, fruit and sweets. It is a quite special day, hard to describe in words, but you can see it with your heart.

The joy of presents

After the lesson, the teachers gave everyone a Christmas present. The kids were happy and they enjoyed every moment.

I always come to Sunday school with my brothers. I had a present, and I love it.
Olga, 12

It is great that the kids can go to Sunday school. I wish to extend warm thanks to everyone who made our Sunday school possible. It is necessary and important for kids to hear God’s word.

“Will there be Sunday school again tomorrow? Can I come, too!”

Faith in God helps us do good things and not sin. I enjoy talking with my Sunday school friends.
Slavik, 15

Text & photos: Tanya

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