Your help is urgently needed. It’s already cold, but families have no firewood and their children have no warm clothes and shoes.

Many Ukrainian families have lost their providers, their homes and their relatives. We thank God that the families within our circle have not faced such a sorrow.

Some of them had to flee, while others stayed at home during the occupation of the villages. Thank God, part of them have been able to return home.

Families in the villages and in Kyiv need help. Every single family in Ukraine suffers from the war. They were poor before, and their life is much more difficult now.

Would you like to join us and give a child a warmer winter?

What we need now:

  • warm clothes
  • winter boots
  • wood & heating

Even a small contribution helps a child manage the winter, and your support is highly appreciated:
10 €, 30 €, 60 € or more.

Many families have already asked us to help them buy wood, clothes and shoes, as the winter is coming. Mothers and children in Kyiv need help to pay their electricity bills. Single mothers struggle with the rising fees.

An example:

A single mother of two has been ill for a long time. She appeals to us. They can barely survive with the social allowance and the harvest from their garden. The mother is weak after several surgical operations and not able to go to work. This is why she asks us for wood and clothes.

This is just one example among many.

The cold season is coming, and they have no wood to heat their house or warm clothes to put on. The children are freezing. Your help is really needed.

Katerina, coordinator of Children’s Embassy relief programme

Your help is significant for the children. Can you help?

Share your ❤️ to Ukrainian children and families suffering suffering of the war.

Your donation is much appreciated

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