The war has changed our work. We have now started the spring campaign in Ukraine. The families we have helped so far need even more help than before. Many new families have also asked for help. Several people have left their homes, some temporarily, while many stayed in their homes.

Help is needed right now. We sincerely hope that people will be able to sow and reap their harvest.

To be able to cultivate your garden, you first need a permit from the village administration. The gardens need to be checked for mines. Without a permit and inspection of the garden, it is impossible to plough in the areas where the enemy forces have been.

Spring sowing has begun

We made lists of families who need help, found a shop where it is possible to pay by card. In our village and some areas there is still no internet or mobile communication.

Family Vozniuk is thankful for your help. In the midst of shooting and explosions, it is not at all easy to find food for the children who are hungry. You are like God’s angels when you help us.

There is so much to say, but words are not enough to express our gratitude.
May the Lord watch over you and bless you always. Thank you for not forgetting us. God bless!

Once again, thank you for helping us to sow now and reap later. We will have food for next winter.

THANKS from family Vozniuk. (There are five children.) ❤️💙💛

Dear friends, thank you for helping us grow food in our kitchen garden. May God bless you and your work.
Nadiya Borisenko

Many thanks for the seeds. It is a joy to sow in the spring and reap harvest later. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for staying beside us. ❤️

Family Taloverov

Thank you for the seeds for our kitchen garden. The times are difficult now, but your help is a relief.

Words fail me, but you probably know that many people here have no money for bread. You are indeed doing significant work. Thanks again.
Sarancha family (two children)

My son Roma and I are grateful for your support. It is significant for us. We ask the Lord to give you blessings and mercy, as you remember and help us in these difficult times.

We hope to see peace soon. With your help, we plant our garden and grow a harvest. May god keep us.

Mother Sasha and son Roma

Katja tells

Some families have their chickens already.
Thank you friends for supporting the families in these trying times.
To be continued…

Katerina – programme coordinator

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