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Weekly greetings from the Team

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It's high summer and the children are looking forward to the camp. We are busy preparing./ Viktor Pavlovich Children's Embassy Post Office is running hot. The children have drawn pictures and written letters to their sponsors and to the friends of Friend's House. Watch your mailbox!/ Tanya V. The children have not forgotten Friend's House,

The best week in March!

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Work begins on Monday and ends on Wednesday, because we need to prepare for Women's Day. Flowers for Mom, flowers for Grandma, cards for teachers, chocolate for sister - who will hopefully deal it with me. Most importantly: complements, complements, complements all week. / Zhenya, 11

Making Dreams Come True

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Many of them will be starting without  the basic equipment  and clothing. The families just don't  have the money to provide them. Even just a donation of  5 €  will buy the necessary books and pens that a child needs. To fully clothe and equip a child costs on average 90 €. Any amount  you

Your help is needed

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The family has no father. Mother had to flee from the war in eastern Ukraine together with her 11-year-old daughter, her 14-year-old cousin and the children’s grandmother. They have now lived in “temporary” housing for three years. They have one room in a dormitory in Bobrovitcha. Their beds and one small table fill the room.