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Another week flew by, and it's weekend again. May your weekend be full of warmth, goodness and happy feelings! Here we share with you the short articles that we have published in our social media accounts during the past week. Our family is very grateful for your support and help. We lost our house and

Weekly greetings from the Team

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It's high summer and the children are looking forward to the camp. We are busy preparing./ Viktor Pavlovich Children's Embassy Post Office is running hot. The children have drawn pictures and written letters to their sponsors and to the friends of Friend's House. Watch your mailbox!/ Tanya V. The children have not forgotten Friend's House,

The best week in March!

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Work begins on Monday and ends on Wednesday, because we need to prepare for Women's Day. Flowers for Mom, flowers for Grandma, cards for teachers, chocolate for sister - who will hopefully deal it with me. Most importantly: complements, complements, complements all week. / Zhenya, 11