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‌A week full of laughter and hugs, when Marta met her dear Grandpa in Poland.

But like all good moments, this ended all too soon. Her heart is again filled with longing and waiting for a reunion.

‌I watched Marta at the airport wondering what she was thinking. She sat quite still.

What was going on in her mind? Perhaps memories of shared moments with Grandpa, perhaps dreams of future adventures with him. One thing is certain – their bond is strong and their love is eternal.

‌The story of Marta and her Grandpa reminds us of how important family love and shared time with our near and dear ones is. We can be thankful for every moment we share. We look forward to the time of creating new memories and staying together with our loved ones.

‌Meanwhile, Marta’s eyes tell us about the challenges people are facing all over the world. War rages in Ukraine, and Marta is a refugee child who found a safe haven in Eskilstuna, Sweden. Her Dad and Grandpa stay in Ukraine, which makes it hard for her to live so far away from them.

Congratulations on International Women’s Day

The boys in Friend's House, Ukraine are sending their greetings to all women.

The eighth of March is the International Women’s Day, when we celebrate spring and beauty.

For the children in Friend’s House it is most of all a day of their mothers, grandmothers and sisters. A handmade present is a beautiful way of thanking mother and expressing respect and love.

“I have the best mother in the world. I pray God for her”, said Ilyusha.

Have you already made a present for your mother?


Gratitude journey: week of peace and unity in Poland

Heartfelt thanks to all of you who sponsored Children’s Embassy’s trip to Poland and the week there. Our Ukrainian team had a chance to relax in a peaceful environment without air raids and constant restlessness.

Our big family gathered from Finland, Sweden and Ukraine. The days filled with togetherness, love – and tears. Serious feelings mixed up with laughter. The week brought consolation to our souls.

We have the strength to continue again. Thank you for making this dream come true.

Boas Adolphi, Ambassador of Children’s Embassy

Fulfilling needs, bringing hope

Your help continues to find its recipients. Clothes, hygienic supplies etc.

Hearing the families say “This is what we were looking for, this is what we need”, we know we are doing the right kind of work.

This is great support.


Furniture renovation at Friend’s House

In the long run, furniture needs fixing at times.

I’m happy that there are boys who are interested in such work.

Whenever possible, I teach them practical skills.


Sunday school in Friend’s House

How to win?

To win, you must be a soldier. Each one of us is a soldier in life who fights temptations. What is a soldier’s armour made of?

Gird of truth – truth protects us from the plots of the enemy.

Breastplate of righteousness – righteousness shields the heart against evil.

Shoes – the readiness to leave.

Shield of faith – faith also protects the body.

Helmet of salvation – trust in God shields our minds and thoughts.

Sword of the Spirit – this is God’s Word, the Bible in which you can read about temptations, sin and fighting it.

Prayer – turn to God in prayer, and He will help you fight temptations.

‌“Put on the whole armour of God, that you will be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.” (Ephesians 6:11)

Katya O.

Full of opportunities and plans! It invites us to start a new week with enthusiasm and determination.

Even though Monday can sometimes feel like a slow starting block, that’s exactly when we have the chance to set goals for the week. So, lift your coffee cup and boldly say: “This week is ours!”

This week has a busy schedule ahead:

On Monday: Our team returned in the morning from Poland to Ukraine from our study and rest trip. It was wonderful and necessary to meet the international team of the Mission. Upon their return, they immediately start packing crisis bags and making plans for potential emergencies.

We’re implementing the PARA method – a way developed by Tiago Forte to organize tasks into projects (P), areas (A), resources (R), and archives (A). We’re applying this method for the first time to our own extraordinary situations.

The tasks for this week and the challenges brought by the war highlight the strength of our community. Working together and having common goals are our effective weapon in difficult times.

We continue to distribute food and other aid to families with children and monitor the situation in Kyiv and the village of Pisky.

Here in Eskilstuna, we’re celebrating International Women’s Day on Friday together with Ukrainian refugees, reminding each other that together we are stronger.

Of course, we could not do this without you. Through collaboration and mutual support, we can face and overcome challenges – both the small ones of everyday life and the great ones brought by war.

A thought from the Bible comes to mind:

A man plans in his heart, but the Lord gives the word. A man deems all his ways to be right, but the Lord weighs the thoughts. Commit your works to the Lord, and your plans will succeed. Proverbs 16:1-3

Blessings and success to your week, Mirjam

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