Every Monday morning the computer screen wakes up. It is like a bridge of light and hope that brings us together. Our Ukrainian team meets with Tanya, Boas and Mirjam who now live in Sweden.

‌The past few years have taught us to adapt. We stay together through quarantine, pandemic and war. Of course, the screen is not as good as meeting for real, but it gives us a sense of being together.

‌Technology has cut distances. We have found ways of coming close despite the distance. Our digital meetings are the beams of light of the week.

‌Once a month, the beam is even brighter. Our Ukrainian team then meets with Hannu & Oili in Finland and Tanya, Jennifer, Boas & Mirjam in Sweden. We call this our International Café. We share our thoughts and dreams and plans for future.

‌These meetings are much more than just talking to the screen. They show how strong we are together and how we can overcome difficulties. They remind us how deeply we long for the day when we can actually meet.

‌Meanwhile, we appreciate these moments. Every shared laughter, every moment strengthens our togetherness, no matter how far away we are.

Mirjam Adolphi

Again quarantine

2024-02-07 Wednesday

The schools are closed due to quarantine and the children study from home. They are tired of sitting at the computer, the tablet or the phone.

We spend more time with them in Friend’s House in the afternoon and play active games.

The weather changes from rain to snow, but we try to enjoy fresh air whenever possible.

There were fewer air raid alerts last week, so we had some peaceful time to play games.

Raisa Mikolaivna

2024-02-06 Tuesday

We were shopping for Olga whose home was destroyed by a missile. It was a lot of work.

A little volontary worker helped us and was treated to Chupa-Chups. 😃🍭


A bunch of plans for the week

2024-02-05 Monday

🌟 The week started with fabulous news from Tanya – the boxes from Sweden have reached Ukraine! We feel the support that gives us comfort in the middle of the Ukrainian people’s grief.

📦 Sveta & Katerina are going through the boxes and planning how to distribute the help to the children and families who need it most.

Viktor Pavlovich is resolving the challenges related to heating.🔥

🏫 And what about Friend’s House? After distant education, the children are happy to come to Friend’s House. They can play and have fun.

🚂 Julia, our bookkeeper / secretary reserves the train tickets for our work and rehabilitation trip to Poland.

”But I must first submit the annual reports. And take care of the monthly payments. Checked! And the daily tasks have not disappeared, either.


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