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Would you like to help a child start school?



You can Save a child from ending up in a government institution – a children’s home.

Many children and families in Ukraine are struggling to scrape a living. Poverty, domestic misery and desperation are disheartening.

The war in Eastern Ukraine is continuing…

Many families with children have fled from their homes in the war zone. We help refugee children who

have come to our community. Not everyone has managed to flee…

Your help is needed

Without your help, a child can end up in an institution.

With your help, we can save a child from being taken from home and placed in an institutional orphanage.

Your help gives a child food, clothes, secured school attendance and much else. It is not just money.

”I know what it is to live in need. My grandmother and I collected empty bottles and cans to have money for food. In the end, I was taken into a government institution. Large dormitories, no toys or clothes of my own, no good-night hug.”

I want to do all I can to save a child from going through what I went through” says Katya.

She is one of those who were helped on time, and she is helping others now. Katya manages the relief work of Children’s Embassy in the villages.

With the love of our Heavenly Father, we want to bring children and families new hope of a better future – a life worth living. Faith in our Living God is the cornerstone of our work.


We welcome you to Children’s Embassy, to help children in Ukraine. We are one big family, and together, we will make a difference.


You can help a child start school

School uniforms – Shoes – Notebooks – Pencils – Rucksacks -Panic …

Make a difference now -help a child to start school.

Thank You for the summer camp. Children have returned home from a wonderful summer camp. You can read children’s diary from summer camp here.


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