Help a child in Ukraine to a life worth living


The school collection yielded a great result. Thank you for contributing! It may be difficult to understand what it means for a child to have the notebooks and pens for school. Five Euros is not much for us, but it is very much here. We were able to buy the school material for 74 kids. One mother told me how she used to save a few coins every month to buy the notebooks so that her children need not be ashamed. The kids kept them very carefully.
They also put their school clothes in plastic bags every day after school.
This family has just one cupboard for all the 7 kids and 2 adults. The mother is ill and they manage with the father’s small pay and with what they can produce in the garden. You can imagine their joy now that everyone got what they needed.The teams in Pisky and Kiev took schoolchildren to the market to buy the school clothes each one needed. I wish you had seen the joy of it!/ Mirjam

On God’s mission in Ukraine

With your help, we can give a child hope for a better future. Children’s Embassy helps on site, but without your financial support and prayers, it would not be possible.