Help a child in Ukraine to a life worth living

On God’s mission in Ukraine

With your help, we can give a child hope for a better future. Children’s Embassy helps on site, but without your financial support and prayers, it would not be possible.

We believe that is better for a child growing up in a home rather than at an orphanage. Would you like to help a child get to stay in their own home and not end up in an orphanage due to the poverty of the family?

Football in Friend’s House


This year, we have formed two new football teams. Young boys and girls come to the trainings. The girls have good prospects of playing good games. We will soon play a friendly with a near-by village school’s team.
Thumbs up for us!

Xenya’s miracle


Xenya’s leg is now saved by urgent surgery! Thank you all who heard her cry and helped. Read here her  greetings