The village Piski is dark and quiet. The only sound in Friends House, is the sound of gunfire in the distance. The team there is still calm, they sit in Friend’s house quiet and without lights. They say it’s not as bad as two days ago. I am very proud and surprised by the courage of our team. They went out to give the Ukrainian defenders all the necessities that were requested.

In Kyiv, the situation is not as calm. The outdoor curfew came into effect at 5pm and will remain in place until Monday morning. One of the boys has panicked. He is trying to escape and says he is on his way home to Pisk. ( 90 km ). Sirens, planes and bombs … I wonder how any of us would fare in a shelter!

A message from the shelter: “You absolutely must not go outside” Not even to walk the dogs or take a breath of air. There are now also Chechens out there driving around shooting, dressed as Ukrainian police officers.

This was the mood on Saturday evening from Piski and Kyiv.


Update Saturday morning

The Children’s Embassy team and the families are safe until further notice. The Children’s Embassy team helps on the ground. Together we will do what we can. In Kiev, our “families” are in bomb shelters where the situation is much more difficult. We have our own “self-defence group”. Via the internet we encourage each other and help with practical things.

Thank you to everyone who donated to the emergency fundraising – Operation Joseph.

We have already achieved a lot with it.  The money transfer is still working.  Families can buy their own food with bank cards. We cannot go and distribute food bags at the moment for security reasons. Yesterday we had a stroke of genius.  Families received funds in their own bank accounts. Fortunately, we also have cash to give to those who don’t have bank cards.

Together we are doing what we can.

Life goes on

  • Next to the bomb shelter comes a multi-storey building and a Russian tank. A child was born into this world under cover and by the sound of sirens.
  • Ukraine has repelled an attack on the capital Kiev and the port city of Nikolaev.
  • Civilians prepare to receive the Russians. Champagne bottles, beer bottles, liquor bottles are already waiting – Molotov cocktails.
  • Russian army fighting civilians
  • Poor Russian boys in a foreign war – in Putin’s war are hungry and begging for food from the Ukrainians. But they are enemies who kill.
  • Weapons are handed out to civilians so they can defend themselves.

Zhenya was in the basement of the school for two days. Last night he was released and is now with his brother and Masha in the bomb shelter in Kiev. From Kiev they cannot get to Piski.

Vika and Valeria are also in the shelter in Kiev.

Updates from our team in the House of Friends and the families

“Piski and Bobrovitsa are peaceful places, but there is fighting in Kiev. ” Julia

“Thank God that this morning we woke up in Ukraine and as Ukrainians.” Tanja

“Greetings to all of you. We are having a peaceful time right now. With pain in our hearts we follow the cities that are fighting heroically.”

“A big thank you to all of you and the whole team for your support and help. We trust in God and continue to pray. He will not leave us.” 😪😥😥🙏🙏

“Everyone, we pray now for a peaceful sky over Ukraine.”

If something new happens, I will update during the day, evening, night … Blessings and peace to us all.


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