• No connections to our village X
  • No contact with Lyuda, our lawyer
  • No contact with Kyiv
  • Connection to Vitya broken

Zhenya, Kiril and Masha safely in Poland. It’s a miracle they got in the train.

I don’t know where to start. God’s miracle or my own worry. The connections to Kyiv and our village X are broken. Last night, I received a call from Wolnzach, Bayern, Germany – but it was Tanya who called from our village in Ukraine, where phones do not work.

Our team survived yesterday. The situation became easier toward night, and they could return to the house. They all sleep in the safest place, on the storage room floor.

Tanya managed to tell me: “THIS IS A MIRACLE! We have no phone connections, I just keep trying every once in a while.” It is a miracle that houses there were not destroyed. The russian “soldiers” just shot the ground around them to warn people against throwing Molotov cocktails under the tanks.

This morning we failed to contact our team. I want to believe that God has heard our prayers and that he does not work half-miracles. It takes a lot of courage to say these words. The connection to Kyiv is also broken. Part of our people are still there.

Our lawyer is handicapped and cannot run to a bomb shelter. We keep praying for her. I’m no war reporter, but I want to share this photo that tells its story. It was taken in Kyiv region. Source: Armed Forces Ukr

This is what happens to unwanted guests. Many Russian ”solders” have fled from their burning tanks and vehicles and run to the woods.

9:45 I can’t understand this?!!! We had a message from Kyiv that our team in village X is ok. They managed to phone them from Kyiv. A poor connection, but it worked.

9:48 “I am alive” from our lawyer Lyuda. ”

12:59 We’re OK! Vitya managed to contact us. His is a similar village to ours. It was completely destroyed by rockets.

to be continued …

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