Alarming news in the morning

04:43 “I am alive” – message from Lyuda. The best news this morning.

New from team. Alive! Our Team members said the village is peaceful now. The village grocery is empty.

A nearby village houses an orphanage school. Russian tanks linger there, probably short of fuel and food. There is still 19 children in the orphanage school. They have food and water. Efforts are made to get them out of the country.

The family of Viktor’s daughter is on their way out. We are waiting for them …

Vitya who grew up in Friend’s House, is going to war. His village is still being bombarded, although it is already in ruins. Efforts are made to get his wife and mother-in-law out. Masha and her three little handicapped children in Kyiv should be evacuated, but they need a car to take them to the station. Please pray for the refugees. They cannot take luggage with them, just their documents and the necessary medication, perhaps something to eat on the way… Their destinations are unknown and far away.

14:26 Tanya J with three children in Kyiv: “A heavy explosion shakes the building now!!! We run – this is hell.”

… to be continued

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