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Introduction to the different names

You probably know Children’s Embassy. But there are many other names such as Friend’s House and charity organizations Haver and Adolphi.

Children’s Embassy is a registered association in Sweden (Barnens Ambassad) and Finland (Lasten lähetystö).

We work in Ukraine and now with refugees. Many of the families we help fled the war to Eskilstuna, Sweden, where our programme is called Livlina, “Lifeline”.

In Ukraine, Adolphi is a charity organization registered with the Ministry of Justice in Kyiv.

Friend’s House is in Pisky village, where the Chernihiv local administration registered our organization Haver (“Friend” in Hebrew).

Legal and Economic Framework

These organizations have accounts in Ukrainian banks into which we can transfer the donations.

Of course, we need an accountant, a lawyer and a highly skilled team to help families in Ukraine.

CHILDREN’S EMBASSY = charity organization ADOLPHI in Kyiv + Friend’s House HAVER in Pisky.

Children’s Embassy was established in Sweden in 1995 to support the work in Ukraine. The Finnish association started in 2015 after the second visit to Ukraine by Hannu and Oili Räsänen.

From the Founders: Boas Adolphi and Mirjam

Mirjam and I have worked in Ukraine for 33 years. We lived there, learnt to know the culture and the language.

We are going to have a festive day in September 2023, as Friend’s House becomes 20 years old. The municipal administration in Bobrovicha had heard of our work in Kyiv and asked if we could start work there, too. Our little bus headed toward the municipal office along the bumpy roads.

A look back: Friends’ House 20 years

We arrived in Pisky village. We were offered an old kindergarten building free of rent for 49 years according to Ukrainian legislation.

The overhauling work was enormous. It took much money to make the heating, the electricity and the plumbing to work… the list was long.

We told all this to God in prayer. He heard us and gave us all of you who volunteered to work and to donate.

Dear friends, join our celebration. See what we have accomplished together.


Boas Adolphi, Ambassador / Founder

How You Can Help

Celebrate 20 years of Friends’ House – become a friend of Friends’ House and make a difference!

Wow, can you believe that Friends’ House has been helping children in Ukraine for 20 years now? It’s absolutely incredible! But even though it’s a time for celebration, there’s still a lot to do. The children in Ukraine need us, and we need you!

Why Should You Become a Monthly Donor?

  • Keep the Wheels of Help Turning: With your support every month, we can do even more for the children.
  • ❤️ Your Contribution, Big Difference: It doesn’t have to be much. Just a small amount each month makes a big difference!
  • 💌 Receive News and Love: We will send you updates so you can see exactly what your help is accomplishing!

In this way you do:

1️⃣ Choose How Much: Every little bit helps!

2️⃣ Set Up the Payment: Super easy through your bank or Swish.

Plusgiro: 415398-7

Bankgiro: 0483-9478

Swish123-113 7876

3️⃣ Join the Journey: You’ll receive small letters and pictures that show how you’re making a difference!

Click the link below and help us celebrate our 20th anniversary by becoming a monthly donor!

Big hug and lots of thanks from all of us at Friends’ House! 🎉

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