The children have written and drawn pictures about Ukraine. Their letters and drawings are sent to the front, and along with these, the soldiers will have a present from the children – chocolate.

Dear soldier! I’m writing to you to thank you for being so brave and for protecting our country from the enemy.

I just turned 10. I’m starting school on the first of September. And I realize that I can start school under a peaceful sky because of you.

I do hope the war is soon over and you all come home with victory, as the heroes of our independent country. I hope this with all my heart and my will and power.

We pray for you! We are proud of you! I want to be like you! Take care of yourself and of Ukraine!

Most of all I thank God for being born Ukrainian; this is a country of good and friendly people. It is a fruitful and flowering country. The war united us into a family. I will never want to give my country away.

Sasha’s letter to a soldier

Your courage, heroism and bravery make it possible for us to breathe fresh air. Words of gratitude are the least we can give you. We look forward to receiving you back as a hero. Long live Ukraine! Long live the heroes!

I’m happy that I was born in Ukraine, because we have beautiful fields and rivers and lovely capital Kyiv. I’m 14 and glad to be Ukrainian. We are a friendly nation, and we became even friendlier due to the war – a big family. Thank you for protecting our country from Putin’s invasion! I love you.

Come back alive. You are my heroes. Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes! Glory to the nation! Death to the enemies!

Our dear defenders. I thank each and every one of you for risking your lives to defend our country. I trust that there will soon be peace. I rely on your bravery and skill. You are very brave and strong. Long live Ukraine!

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