Since 1991, Boas and Mirjam have been active in the country, allowing us to witness its development first-hand.

We saw how stray dogs cared for the children. The dogs kept the kids warm, serving as their mattress and blanket, and they were the only ones who cared for the children. It was easy for the kids to love a puppy and receive love from a small dog, and to give their love back to the dogs.

This thought struck us:

Does the dogs care more about the children than we?

“Do dogs care more about these children than we humans do?”

It cut to our hearts. So, we got two dogs, a Labrador – Ammi and a French Bulldog – Molli. With these two dogs, we have helped many children.

Our Mission is to Help Children in Ukraine

We aim to give children hope for a better future. Both home and the streets can be places of misery, poverty, and suffering. Children need help with many things. “We don’t see this as ‘our’ work, but as a mission in the Heavenly Father’s field, which is why we are here”.

In Ukraine, we founded the organization – Haver, which is Hebrew for ‘friend’. The name ‘Children’s Embassy’ comes from the Bible, Second Corinthians 5:18-20. We are ambassadors for God.

On God’s Mission in Ukraine

Boas and Mirjam