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Making Dreams Come True

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The children start school in Ukraine in a few days Many of them will be starting without  the basic equipment  and clothing. The families just don’t  have the money to provide them. Even just a donation of  5 €  will buy the necessary books and pens that a child needs. To fully clothe and equip [...]

Make a child happy

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Katya came to Friend’s House as a young mother, only 16 years. She is now married and mother of two sons. Katya manages the relief work in the villages. Her heart is open to the struggling families with children. I know many families whose parents can’t even buy the necessary things when school starts. It [...]

Your help is needed

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The family has no father. Mother had to flee from the war in eastern Ukraine together with her 11-year-old daughter, her 14-year-old cousin and the children’s grandmother. They have now lived in “temporary” housing for three years. They have one room in a dormitory in Bobrovitcha. Their beds and one small table fill the room. [...]

Starting school is no happy day for everyone

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  Tanya is adult now; she is mother of four and works for Children’s Embassy in Kyiv. Her experience of another kind of life in the streets is valuable for us in our relief work. Tanja shares part of her story with us. Starting school is no happy day for everyone. Let me tell you [...]

Summercamp, Sun and Fun

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We want you to enjoy the summer camp, too. That’s why Tanya Verozub is there with the kids, writing down their comments and taking photos. Publication can be a problem there at the seaside: yesterday’s video took a whole 5 hours to upload. Good work, Tanya! / Mirjam 4th of August Enjoy the weekend! Ruslana, [...]

What a wonderful day you gave to the children

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The first day of Summer – International Children’s Day – Friend’s House Excursion What a wonderful day you provided! Even the bus ride to Kyiv was an experience. The children had a real festive day: a river cruise, lunch at McDonald’s, and ice cream. 47 children participated. Many of them were in Kyiv for the [...]

Would you like to give a child a great day?

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The International Day for Protection of Children is observed in Ukraine on June 1st.   Sponsor a child’s festive day We want to treat the children to a bus ride from the countryside to the capital Kyiv, a cruise on the Dnieper, a meal in McDonald’s, delicious ice cream – an overall unforgettable day. This [...]