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What a wonderful day you gave to the children

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The first day of Summer – International Children’s Day – Friend’s House Excursion What a wonderful day you provided! Even the bus ride to Kyiv was an experience. The children had a real festive day: a river cruise, lunch at McDonald’s, and ice cream. 47 children participated. Many of them were in Kyiv for the [...]

Would you like to give a child a great day?

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The International Day for Protection of Children is observed in Ukraine on June 1st.   Sponsor a child’s festive day We want to treat the children to a bus ride from the countryside to the capital Kyiv, a cruise on the Dnieper, a meal in McDonald’s, delicious ice cream – an overall unforgettable day. This [...]

The Flames Took Our Home

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In the middle of the night a mother woke up. She sensed the smell of smoke. Panic took hold of her, and she did not know what to do. She woke up her kids and they managed to escape from the burning house out into the night, the -20 °C cold night. They had no [...]


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But What Happens If We Don’t While the father protects Ukraine, his 7 -year-old son needs heart surgery. Nazar’s surgery is planned to 20.03. Professor A. Kalangos is going to proceed the surgery free of charge. But there is always the but. The medicines after the surgery will cost about 30.000 UAH. (€1027, USD 1103, [...]

My year started under happy signs

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Text: Markku Holopainen Foto: Mirjam Adolphi For me, 2017 started with a trip to Ukraine 2nd to 6th January. I had the opportunity to participate in distributing Christmas gifts from Children’s Embassy to families in Kyiv and in Pisky region. You could hardly imagine a more pleasant and rewarding content for a trip. The cordial [...]

Christmas in Our Hearts – All Year

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Hannu & Oili Räsänen’s  Christmas visit to Children’s Embassy, Ukraine. Our Christmas in Ukraine is over. What did we learn? Donations Reach Their Goal We felt this in a tangible way, as we went shopping and delivered food and Christmas presents to families. We Have Generous Friends Many friends and many unknown people donated money [...]