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Christmas is not over yet

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Father Frost is coming on New Years night and he places the gifts under the Christmas tree. You can still share your holiday joy with Ukrainian children. In Ukraine the Christmas celebration is on 6-7 January according to the Julian calendar. You can still donate joy to a child in Ukraine  -   


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The most devastating accident of all times took place in the nuclear plant 30 years ago, but the place is still being cleaned, and the human suffering goes on for generations. We were part of a small tourist group for one day’s tour. It was like crossing to another country: licences and passports were presented [...]

I’ll be Programmer and President

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When I’m big, I’m going to be a programmer. I’m going to develop a game that everyone wants to play. My business will then be the best in the world. And when I have enough money, I’ll be President. Politicians can steal no more.   I’ll control everything. Pensions and wages will be decent, and there [...]

The school year in Ukraine started beautifully

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The first ringing of the school bell started the school year beautifully. Everyone was dressed nicely and carried flowers. Mothers, fathers, grandmothers and little siblings followed. Viktor and we came to see Oksana’s children. Music, speeches, poems. The first and last classes marched into their places. Finally, the biggest boy lifted the smallest girl on [...]

Excitement grows, School starts soon

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The kids in Kiev received their school clothes and gear on Thursday. The kids in Pisky, the surrounding villages and the refugee centre, today on Sunday. In the heat of the market, they fitted their clothes and shoes on, and the beautiful school gear bags were delivered in the parks. And, of course, we enjoyed [...]