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The family has no father. Mother had to flee from the war in eastern Ukraine together with her 11-year-old daughter, her 14-year-old cousin and the children’s grandmother.
They have now lived in “temporary” housing for three years. They have one room in a dormitory in Bobrovitcha. Their beds and one small table fill the room. But the common kitchen, wc and shower are along the unheated corridor.

Mother found a job and grandmother is retired, but just heating the room requires 80% of their income. We call it a refugee centre, but it is just an old dormitory with no organized help from the government or the municipality. Families with children, single mothers, invalids and elderly people live there; they all had to leave their homes in eastern Ukraine.

There is no sign of the war ending, but the children can’t wait. Their school starts on September 1st, and they need clothes, shoes, rucksacks, notebooks etc.

What you can do

The school clothing and gear for one child cost about 90 Euro / 110 USD. You can donate the amount that suits you.

Various ways of donating

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