Xenya´s miracle

Xenya’s leg is now saved by urgent surgery! Thank you all who heard her cry and helped.
Single mother of three, Xenya needed urgent hospital care in order to save her leg. She had been biking and a car drove on her. There is no hope of remuneration, so she was desperate about getting hospital care. Her only income is the child benefit that does not even cover the family’s basic needs.
We received the money for Xenya’s surgery quickly. What is left over will be used for her medicines and her family’s needs. We are looking for sponsors for her three children. If you are interested, please let us know.

In Ukraine, the patient has to provide everything that is needed in hospital care. Viktor and Sveta bought the necessities for Xenya’s surgery from a special pharmacy in Kyiv. For some reason, there was monstrous traffic jam that day, so the trip took them three hours. Xenya has no money for taxi, and Viktor took her to hospital the next day; she was operated immediately. Her mother is caring for her three children.


Xenya’s greetings

I want to thank all the good people who helped me in the hour of my distress. Without your help I wouldn’t have gotten to this important surgery. Now I feel much better. To me it’s a miracle that you exist. I’ve got hope for improvement. May God give you health, happiness and a lot of strength.
Just now Viktor Pavlovits pick me up from the hospital. I’m at home and I get to hug my kids. Thank you so much!

We are looking for sponsors for her three children






Ilya (Elijah) 1year




David 3 years

Sofia 7 years

If you are interested, please let us know.


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