With love to children

Friend’s House is like an oasis for the children of a small village.

Imagine a small village with no sports fields for kids, no hobby clubs, no play parks, no cinemas… What can they do there? What is it like to be child there?

The kids have such a place, because you helped with the renovation of Friend’s House.

Greetings from Boas

Many thanks to all of you who heard our cry for help to repair our minibus and to renovate Friend’s House.
The bus is now rolling safely along the roads, and Friend’s House is flourishing.

/ Boas

The renovation made Friend’s House cooler and more functional than before, and there is room for everyone. Each kid will find something interesting there.
When they come to Friend’s House, the kids smile, are happy, laugh, jump and think of tricks.

There is a computer room, a room for creative activities, one for pingpong, one where the kids can play games, and one where they can have tea and watch films together. Another room features cushions to sit or lie on comfortably.

Our minibus is a big help for Friend’s House. It does a significant job. Without this “assistant”, Friend’s House could not work fully.

“Mobile Friend’s House” drives from day to day, from week to week, from year to year, in any weather and all seasons. The minibus takes children from nearby villages to Friend’s House. On Saturdays, it does its favourite job of driving to villages with no proper roads, to pick up children and take them to Sunday school at Friend’s House. And back home after the Sunday school.

The minibus is our arms and legs. It delivers food to families, clothes to children, medicines and much else. In summer, it takes children to the camp. We need our minibus so much and we appreciate it highly. It is absolutely indispensable for us.

Friend’s House makes life happier and more interesting for kids in a small village. I wish you could hear how the birds sing and the kids laugh in our garden.
I want to hug each one of you and say Thanks for Friend’s House!

/ Tanya

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