White Christmas in Ukraine

Hannu & Oili Experience a White Christmas

Text by Oili Räsänen

Photos: Hannu Räsänen

We had to fly from Finland to Ukraine to find a white Christmas! Both Kiev and Pisky are covered with clean soft snow. It does bother the traffic, but the kids (and Mirjam) love making snow angels.

We enjoy the company of Päivi, a professional interpreter. It’s so rewarding to understand and be understood!

Wednesday, Dec 20th

A great start was to see a Georgian song and dance performance in October Palace and to dine with our Ukrainian Team in restaurant Mafia.

Thursday, Dec 21st

The bus ride to Pisky took a bit longer due to the snow.

Having arrived at Friend’s House, we started baking gingerbread with the kids. They are good at the work – this isn’t the first time.

Friday, Dec 22nd

It was quite an experience to go shopping in Bobrovitcha: 22 sacks full of foodstuffs for families and refugees. It took some Nordic cooperation to move the sacks from the shop to the van. Bertil ja Kristina from Sweden are here, too.  Back to Friend’s House, we made lots and lots of meatballs for the Sunday school together with the Team.




Saturday, Dec 23rd

We haven’t seen many Sunday schools that gather nearly 50 kids week after week. Friend’s House has one, and now it was time to celebrate. The songs, Bible stories, games indoors and outdoors lasted many hours, so there had to be a good meal as well. We admire the Sunday school team.

Delivery of the food sacks started. This added to Viktor’s driving kilometers that are about 140 every Saturday when he transports the kids to and from Sunday school.

The Parliament decided that Ukraine celebrates Christmas on December 25th, but we keep hearing that real Christmas is on January 7th.

Whichever you prefer, have a Happy Christmas!

Hannu and Oili

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