What’s new-week – 49

Hello, another week has flown by.
Here are some flashes of the week’s events – from our social media. Thank you for being with us. We wish you a happy weekend. 💛💙

Thank you for the firewood


Photo: Katerina

“Many thanks for the firewood to secure the heating in our home. I am single mother of two invalid children, and your help is invaluable for us. May the Lord bless you!”- Mother Nadya

The first winter day ❄️


Photo: Tanya

December is here – winter and snow.

Photo: Tanya

Here’s some info on the minimum pay and the existence minimum in Ukraine.


From 01.12.2020 on, a family’s existence minimum is 4665.00 Hryvnia (139 Euro), if the family has one child over 6 years old. The sum depends on the children’s ages.

Minimum pay after taxes: 4025.00 Hryvnia (120 Euro).

70% of the money goes toward food. The remaining 30% does not cover rent and heating in winter time.

Each month, the families face a dilemma. What is most important? Food or heating, heating or clothes, etc.

It’s warm at home now


Thank you so much for your share in ”Warm Winter”.

Photo: Katerina

“It used to take me half a day to warm the house. I went to the nearby forest to pick and cut fallen branches.

And now, thanks to you, we have wood and a warm home. We have wood to heat the house for the entire winter. Many thanks for your help.”
– Mother Victoria and children

Happy Hugging Day ❤️


We send our hugs to all friends whom we cannot hug due to the quarantine.

/ Children’s Embassy Team

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