What’s new-week – 48

Hello, another week has flown by.
Here are some flashes of the week’s events – from our social media. Thank you for being with us. We wish you a happy weekend. 💛💙

Your help makes a difference


Photo: Katerina

“Hello. Many thanks for your help to us in these difficult times.” – Mother Natalya

Campaign Warm Winter is finished  ❤️❤️❤️


Photo: Mother Julia

This is one family’s greeting of thanks.

“It’s warm at home now. We received wood. We are so happy. It’s nice to come to a warm home after school. Many thanks for your help.” – Mother Julia and children.

Thank you for donating.


We received four packages full of warm clothes for children.

Photo: Tanya

Heartfelt thanks to you who sent them. We start delivering the clothes for needy children tomorrow. – Katerina, programme coordinator

Photo: Tanya

Masha’s longing


Photo: Tanya

Our cat Masha likes to jump on the office window sill and wait for the children to come to Friend’s House.

She also follows them with her cat eyes, purring: “See you again tomorrow!”

Just now, we had to close Friend’s House for a while, as so many children have caught the flu. Masha is waiting behind the window…

I’m so thankful for your help


Photo: Katarina

“We did not have enough food at home and had no money for bread. It was just then that you came and helped.” – Mother Nina

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