What’s new-week – 45

Hello, another week has flown by.
Here are some flashes of the week’s events – from our social media. Thank you for being with us. We wish you a happy weekend. 💛💙

It is raining outdoors 🌧 but we have it nice and warm in Friend’s House ☀️


Photo: Tanya

The autumn holiday flew by, and the children are at school again.

Photo: Tanya

We enjoyed crafting, made bracelets and decorated Friend’s House. – Nadia Mihailivna, pedagogue

Photo: Tanya
Photo: Tanya

The children paint with great pleasure


Photo: Tanya

The arts club in Friend’s House features a creative atmosphere.

Photo: Tanya
Photo: Tanya

Many children are in urgent need of warm clothes and shoes


Photo: Katarina

Quite a few have been given winter clothing with your support.There are so many more children who need help.

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