What’s new-week – 39

Hello, another week has flown by.
Here are some flashes of the week’s events – from our social media. Thank you for being with us. We wish you a happy weekend. 💛💙


Photo: Tanya

”I don’t even have bread at home”, told Alexandra, Roma’s mother, by phone. Their lack of food touched me deeply.

“Hi Mom, what do we have for dinner?” is the kids’ first question when they come home.

I, Tanya, am a mother, too. My job is in Children’s Embassy. We help needy children. I really hope that not one child needs to go hungry.

I’m a mother of four, and I’m familiar with the problems that the quarantine brought.

I did not have too much food, either. But I found some buckwheat, sugar, tea, and bread. I took these to Roma and Alexandra.

They were in a very difficult situation, and they had to stay isolated at home.

The next day Viktor and Katya of our relief team cam to work. They heard the story and immediately went shopping in the grocery.

Roma and Alexandra received food. 🙏

Everyone who had donated in the food campaign was involved in this lovely miracle.

Here are some words of thanks to you from Roma and his mother: ❤️

”When you watch or read about corona, you might easily think it doesn’t concern you. You just follow the rules: wear the mask, keep your distance, and wash your hands.

The disease spread in our village. It so happened that I had met one person who was later diagnosed with covid. The result was that we had to stay isolated at home.

We are so thankful that food was brought to us. We couldn’t even go to the grocery shop, and of course, we didn’t have the money to buy food.

I wish all of you health and wellbeing. May God bless you.”
– Roma and mother Alexandra

Going to school again


Photo: Katerina

Swinging in the tree,
Going to school again.
And the Sun shines 🌞 . What more could I need?

Helping someone = helping yourself


Photo: Katerina

When you help someone else, it is like helping yourself.
You give hope for the better, and understand that your day was not in vain.

As all mothers know from their own experience how difficult it is when you do not have money for food.

And if you’re a single mom, you understand better than anyone else.

Here are words of gratitude from a mother. She is a widow with four children.

“I want to thank you for your help, during this difficult time in Ukraine and we also have the quarantine. Especially a big thank you from the children” mamma Julia.

A big thank you to you, who participated in the fundraiser for food. Your help does good deeds.❤️

Back to school


Photo: Tanya

This is the day that children, teachers and parents have been waiting for! After a long quarantine, the children in Pisky village finally left for school.
Everyone is happy.


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