What’s new-week 37

Hello, another week has flown by.
Here are some flashes of the week’s events – from our social media. Thank you for being with us. We wish you a happy weekend. 💛💙

Your help arrived at the right time.
Thank you for the food. My son and I are still keeping in quarantine.
/ Mother Aleksandra

Our dear Sveta turns 16 today.
Many happy returns of the day, dear Sveta!
/ Children’s Embassy Team


Your help is a good deed

Thanks from families who received food. One of these is a widower and his five children. Thank you for donating so that even this family was fed.
/ Katerina, programme coordinator

I was so-o much waiting for the 1st of September. I’m on the sixth class now.
I’d like to go to my new class, to meet my friends and teachers.
But no, I could not go to school. We’re in quarantine. The lessons take place over wiber – by phone. Kristina, 11.

As we were no longer in the red zone, we could finally hug each other.
Katerina and Viktor visit families whom we help.
Warm hugs from us to you, too. 😊


This was a miracle!

You did it: you collected the money to secure water for the family – in a single day. We just told the mother, and her joy was enormous. She could hardly believe that it was true.

Thanks from Mother
My joy knows no limits!

I was overwhelmed by joy after talking with Viktor Pavlovich. The stunning news was that there are good people who have already helped. I can hardly believe this is true!

So far, I and my son have carried water from a well that is in the sixth yard counting from us. It is hard work for us.

No words can describe my joy and gratitude. May your goodness return to you a thousand times! I wish you all good things. May your dreams become true!
/ Mother Natalia


Urgent need of water

A single mother and her retarded child need water

How to live without water? They have no water to drink, no water for cooking or washing…

To bore a well and draw a pipe into the house requires about 10 000 UAH or 305 Euro. The family does not have this money.

A single mother and her retarded son ask for help to have running water.

Our relief team visited the family and heard that their well has been dry for two months. Another well about a hundred metres from the house yields a little clayey water.

This is their only source of water now. The mother carries buckets of clayey water into the house and filters it as best she can. She then boils the water she uses for cooking. Washing and laundry are a problem!

To bore a well on the site and to draw a water pipe into the house would solve her problem.
Would you like to help? Your help is needed.

/ Children’s Embassy Team


Pay Rise

Ukraine increased the minimum pay on the 1st of September. The new minimum is 5000.00 UAH and equals about 153 Euro. One can now buy 12 loaves of bread more than last month. The increase was 223.00 UAH or about 6.70 Euro.

May I suggest that you participate in charity by this sum, 6.70 Euro?

“Give, and it shall be given to you.” Luke 6:38

/ Julia, Bookkeeper

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