What’s new-week 36

Inhale happiness – exhale goodness!
Have a nice weekend!

School supplies


Viktor delivers rucksacks, clothes and school equipment to children. The pandemic involves great changes in the annual campaign. och skoltillbehör till barn.


The kids are waiting… It’s still unclear whether they start school tomorrow. We are waiting for information on the corona situation in our municipality.


No school tomorrow for children in Pisky. Everybody was waiting for a whole day for the information from the school. Is it possible to go to school tomorrow?

Nadia, our pedagogue in Friend’s House


I decided to learn to use the computer. It is going well. I continue with great interest, and the girls help me.

Sveta takes care of our small warehouse


We miss you children!


The school in Pisky village could not be opened due to corona. We also decided not to open Friend’s House yet. Corona is no joke. But the kids would so much like to come to us!

The ping-pong table is waiting for players, the trampoline, and many interesting games are waiting, and the help with homework. The youngest ones miss the fairytales. And we miss all the children. Nadia Mihailjivna, pedagogue

But this we know: “Trust in the Lord, and everything will turn out well!”

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