What’s new – week 3/21

The week flew by quickly. It started with very cold weather, -24 °C, and a lot of snow.

Thank you all for being with us. Without you, we could not exist. Together, we are one big Children’s Embassy family.

I’m Tanya, and I’m happy to share with you the week’s events in Friend’s House in Ukraine.

We started the week with a staff meeting, discussing what we can do for the children during this week. One new family with many children contacted us for help, as they have no heating in the house. Their kettle broke and they have no money for a new one.

The lockdown continues in Ukraine. Friend’s House is closed, but the team is busy. It’s cold outside and a lot of snow to shovel. We keep the house warm and carry wood for heating. We miss the children.

The lockdown has not affected the life in Pisky village very much. The buses run, the shops are open and sell most of we need. The kindergarten is working. Just the schoolchildren stay at home and study remotely. This is not easy for many families.

Take the example of Nazar. He is on the fourth class, and he can do his homework only after his mother comes home from work. He can then borrow mother’s phone to go to Viber and see what homework there is. Many children are in a similar situation.

Katerina, the coordinator of our relief programme, drives to the families to deliver coats, warm clothes and shoes to children.

Day of Unity in Ukraine

Ukrainassa vietetään yhtenäisyyden päivää 22. tammikuuta. Se on päivä, jona Ukrainan kansantasavalta ja Länsi-Ukrainan kansantasavalta yhdistyivät vuonna 1919.

Our country is experiencing difficult times. Once again, Ukrainian soldiers are forced to defend our borders. It is my heartfelt wish that Ukraine could experience peace and unity 💙💛

I wish you peace, strong health, warmth of heart and a nice weekend.

Tanya, social media

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