What’s new – week 2/21

Thanks for the week. It has gone very quickly; it began with the lockdown.

Many thanks to each of you who are with us. We could not help without you. Together, we are a big family – the family of Children’s Embassy.

I’m happy to share with you a summery of the week’s events. I wish you good health and a nice weekend.

Lockdown in Ukraine continues till the 24th of January. The winter holidays are over. Friend’s House is closed. The kids who have a smartphone and access to the Internet are studying remotely.

Kiril tells us about his studies in the cooking college in Kyiv. This is his first year. Read his story: https://childrensembassy.com/childrens…/childrens-blog-3/

Christmas Miracle

A Christmas miracle happened to us, thanks to you. You made a feast for this family and children. Mother Viktoria writes:

“Many thanks for the food. We were able to lay the table, and the children had their Christmas and New Year’s feast. We thank you for thinking of us and helping us.”

The 14th of January is the “Old New Year” holiday in Ukraine.

Thanks to Victor Divnich & Team for collecting clothes and sending them to us. The team of Children’s Embassy is now delivering the clothes.

Here is one of the many thankful responses:

“I’m a single mother. We experienced a real miracle. The children and I are so happy about the warm jackets. Thank you for clothing my children with the jackets.” – Mother Tanya and children

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