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Phptp and text by Tanya’s Verozub: The Orthodox church in Pisky village

We are closing the first week of the new year with a heartfelt gratitude to our friends in the big Children’s Embassy family.

Tanya is writing to you. Here you have a summary of the week’s events.

Thanks for the week

Such a joy for all of us. To give and receive.

Our Christmas & New Year’s campaign is now closed. With your help, 32 families and 89 children received food and gifts. Everyone felt the joy of Christmas and New Year. There was joy! There was a feast! You made it for them. ❤ You can read more about the families’ gratitude in our social media. We update them requently.

The team

Photo from archive, August 2018
From left to right: Viktor Pavlovich, Nadya Mihailivna, Katya, Tanya, Julia, Boas, Sveta and Mirjam.From left to right: Viktor Pavlovich, Nadya Mihailivna, Katya, Tanya, Julia, Boas, Sveta and Mirjam.

The team is back to work after the holidays. We also enjoyed the year’s first coffee pause online with our friends from Ukraine, Sweden, Finland and England. It was great to see each other again and to talk together.


The young Sunday school teachers and our local chief Viktor Pavlovich created a New Year’s miracle for the children. They drove to children’s homes where they sang Christmas carols and gave them food and sweets.

Shoes from Finland!

The children were surprised to hear that people from Finland who had never even seen them, wanted to help them with winter shoes. Six big boxes have now arrived! This was warming news for Ukrainian children.

Christmas in Ukraine

We celebrate Christmas on the 7th of January according to the Julian calender.

“Christ is born!” – “Let us adore Him!” This is how we greet each other on Christmas Day in Ukraine.

You can read more in our blog about the Ukrainian Christmas traditions and what the 12-course dinner includes. Yulia wrote about Christmas and special Christmas food. link to blogg

Christmas vacation

We have days off now until Monday the 11th, when we return to our blessed mission.

I am grateful to God for each one of you. I wish you God’s blessings, a wonderful weekend and good health.

Tanya Verozub, social media coordinator

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