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We already have frost outdoors – it is real autumn. Time to take the flowers indoors.
Tanya B, Hostess


We are learning how the chess pieces move.
The boys asked us to teach them the names and movements of the chess pieces. Then the game can start.

Julia, bookkeeper and chess club leader


Petrykivka Tradition in Friend’s House. The children use pencils first and then move on to colours. Next time, they will learn how to paint flowers according to the Petrykivka traditional decorative style.

Oleksandra, leader of the art club


Thanks for the wheelchair
Happiness doesn’t require so much
– I’m going to school on this tomorrow, Varya said happily sitting on her wheelchair.
Varya received the wheelchair from Swedish friends. It is now easy to take her to school, and she can also get outdoors.
Thank you for helping Varya!
/ Katerina, coordinator of the relief programme


Happy Teachers’ Day!
Ukraine celebrates Teachers’ Day today. Best wishes to all teachers, wherever you are. Your job is a significant one.
To teachers and to all of us – Have a happy weekend!

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