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April 23th

Friend’s House kitchen garden

Life under quarantine, day 41

Friend’s House, too, has a kitchen garden.
We hope the quarantine is soon over and the children can come to Friend’s House again.
Delicious fresh vegetables will be waiting for them.
/ Nadia Mihailivna

April 21th

Thanks for the potatoes

Life under quarantine, day 39

Our thanks to organization @ДопомогаДітямУкраїни who helped a family.
They had their seed potatoes on time; it is the time to plant them.
The kids were overjoyed by the candies and the clothes.
The family sends their sincere thanks.
/ Katerina – coordinator of the relief programme

April 20th

Purity of soul and Health

It is Easter Monday today in Ukraine. The tradition is to eat Easter pastry to purify your soul.

April 19th

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