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March 27 


On the photo: Roma, 13

“I have slept enough, watched TV and played with Mom’s cellphone. But the quarantine still goes on. I’m sick of sitting at home.”

 March 26 

Life under quarantine, day 13

Our day started with a phone call from the local shopkeeper.
“Your food packages are ready. You can come and fetch them.”

At 10 am, we started loading the van; it took one hour.
From 11 to 12, we delivered the packages in Pisky village.

Children talk about the quarantine all the time, knowing it continues for another month. They are usually happy to be out of school, but this time they are unhappy.

We continue delivering food before the evening.

PS The coronavirus has consequences. All children are in quarantine and have no school meals.
Your help can save them from being hungry. Food for one child during one month costs about 25 Euro.

Childens toughts about quarantine

Clean hands, living on a desert island, no news

It’s spring. We are under corona quarantine. Generally, I love school quarantines, but i don’t like this one and I won’t ever forget it. I thought they would not give us homework at all. But they give lots of them every single day.

We ran out of soap at home. We wash our hands probably a hundred times daily. I’d like to go to school and meet my friends. This is like living on a desert island.

What’s important: don’t watch the news. Let’s hope they can soon invent a vaccine against the corona virus.

Bye-bye all, Zhenya was with you

March 25

Life under quarantine, day 12

The state of emergency prevails in entire Ukraine until April 24th. The quarantine continues.

Our team works using remote access. The coffee breaks take place over Skype. We make short walks outdoors.
The village roads are empty. No people anywhere. We seldom see even our neighbours near enough to communicate with them.

I can see people far away working in their gardens. Epidemic or not, spring is the time when the year’s food is sown. Life goes on…


Maksim, 10

“I’d rather go to school than stay under quarantine.”

March 24

Life under quarantine, day 11

To avoid infection, we now order the food for the families from our village shop and just collect the packages.

Our Sveta is quarantined at home in Kyiv. She looks out of the window:
“Cars with loudspeakers urge people to stay indoors. All business is down, except for groceries. Hardly anything moves outdoors. No cars, no children playing.”

Maksim who lives in Friend’s House with his mother, went to the eye clinic in Kyiv for a planned treatment of two weeks. Due to the pandemic, the clinic was closed. Maksim had no way of returning home, as no buses run from Kyiv to Pisky. We are thinking of a way to get Maksim home.

We are surveying which of the children have access to Internet. Nadia can help them with their studies.

March 23

Life under quarantine, day 10
23rd March 2020

We keep in touch with children by phone.

Sveta who lives in our village Pisky says she is doing well. She is on the 10th class and has a lot of homework during the school quarantine. Sveta also helps her mother in the garden and she helps look after her little cousin Roma. This is why she is out in the fresh air much. Sveta says that time goes fast although there is the quarantine.

We took food to children today, also visiting Nastja who is single mother of Ira and Artyom. She is worried, as her baby is due soon.
“The hospital requires me to bring a face mask and disinfectant, but I have no money for these. And for that matter, they are not available anywhere.”

P.S. Our campaign is continuing to prevent the children from being hungry https://childrensembassy.com/join-in/urgent-needs/…

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