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March 20th 

You are great – thank you!

Today already, 25 children had enough food to eat. You who donated towards their food, can share their joy.

I was a street child, so I for one know what it is to be hungry. Today, it was just great to pick food in the shopping trolleys (a whole 7 of them). I would have liked to pick even more to make sure that the children have enough food. But I know that there are more hungry children, so I could not empty the whole supermarket.

We delivered the food to families, but did not go into their homes because of the virus. I wish you had seen the joy of the mothers and their children when they received the bags of food!

Put yourself in the place of these mothers. What would you do if your children went hungry?

Thanks to you who have donated. Your help is especially valuable now.

P.S There are still 60 children in urgent need of food. Our campaign is continuing https://childrensembassy.com/join-in/urgent-needs/

March 20th 

Early bird catches the bread

Tanya lives in Friend’s House with her four children. She tells us:

The early bird catches the bread
The morning begins with a quick visit to the shop for bread.

We have two grocery shops in our village. You must buy bread early in the morning, as all bread is sold out by noon.

This is our new morning ritual: who gets up first, goes shopping for bread.
Now that we are under quarantine, the family needs more bread.

March 19th


We have an urgent appeal from Ukraine.

In despair, we decided to turn to you for help. The corona virus pandemic means that all children are in quarantine. They have no school meals now.
Your help can save them from being hungry. Food for one child during one month costs about 25 Euro.

Kiril is a boy who lives with his mother. She works in a kindergarten and was quarantined without wages. Usually, Kiril has two meals at school every weekday. But now that all schools are closed, he has no meals. The boy is hungry. The family faces a catastrophy: no money, no food.

If you can help us, we buy food for Kiril and 85 other children in a similar situation. Many parents are quarantined with no pay and no remunerations.

We were not able to anticipate the corona virus in our budget. There is no extra money for this. The situation is unexpected and urgent. This is why we are turning to you for help.

Send your help for Kiril and other children like him today.

March 19th

The Kyiv metro is closed due to the epidemic

You need several minibusses to get to work now. They should only take a maximum of 10 passengers, all with protective masks. But the minibusses are packed and not everyone wears a mask.

Our team member Sveta cannot travel from Kyiv to Pisky. Julia is also working at home in Bobrovitcha, as the buses and local trains are not commuting. We continue working remotely.

March 18th

Hi everybody! As you know, the world is in quarantine due to the corona virus.

We have lots of homework: One subject is on one website, another subject on another and a third subject somewhere else. This is not easy at all.

Too bad that almost every place is closed… schools, kindergartens, clothes shops, metro. There’s nowhere to go, so we just sit at home.

Here’s a masterclass on washing your hands. Remember to wash between the fingers. Like this, very nice. We wash our hands every day and a hundred times daily. I recommend that you, too, wash your hands frequently and wear a mask. I wish you all good things.

Hope you catch a virus that brings you health, kindness and a good mood.

/Zhenya, 13

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