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Friend’s House

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Friend’s House

Open Doors for Children

Children come to us with various needs. Some of them need help with homework, others come to join various circles such as handiwork, football and Sunday school. But for some of the children, this is their ”second home” – not every child can feel good and cosy at home.

It’s my birthday today… I have been waiting for it a long time. I ran home, only to see that nobody was waiting for me. There was nothing to eat, the pots were empty, the room was untidy and smelled bad. Once again, I was sad to feel: ”Nobody wants me, nobody in the world.”

Here in ”Friend’s House”, they wait for me and help me with the homework. I would so much want to be like the others.

I can’t believe it – they didn’t forget my birthday. The kids gave me little presents, and we had a birthday cake, too.

Friend’s House is my second home. When it is cold I get warm clothes there, but there is also the human warmth.
Returning home in the evening, I wish it was as warm and cosy there; I wish my mother hugged me. And tomorrow, I’m going to Friend’s House again.


All help is welcome and necessary for the children in Friend’s House.

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