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Weekly 40 – Read all about it!

Here we share with you the short articles that we have published in our social media accounts during the past week. 

Real friendship – it’s a great gift. Take care of your friends, spend more time with them.

Lots of greetings to all our friends from Friend’s House. 🖐

Enjoy the weekend!

Here’s some impressions from Sunday school

This is a Sunday school, even though it’s Saturday. Today here are 25 children and it’s a wonderful crazy day.


A new virus is spreading in Friend’s House – “kid with a book” virus ❤

Beside the corona pandemic, we face another pandemic among children, that of apps and internet. There is no vaccine against this pandemic 😢.

Now we have a virus of our own in Friend’s House, “kid with a book”. We hope as many kids as possible will catch it 😄.

/ Tanja

Thank you for the electricity, the stove and the oven

” Roma and I are very grateful for the stove and oven and the new power cables. I can now cook for Roma and myself.

My best wishes of good health and wellbeing to you. Thank you for caring for Ukrainians and especially for people like us.” – Sincerely, mother Aleksandra and Roma

Yippee, Piski School opened today

No worries, kids! At the last week of October, you will have autumn holidays.
/ Mirjam

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