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It’s Friday, and the weekend is waiting behind your door 😊

Little Emma has bisquits which she decided to share with the pigeons. Be like Emma – share a smile, your empathy, cheerful mind and a hug with those near you.

Ukraine is experiencing gloomy times, war and despair. The war is not children’s fault, but it is the children who pay the highest price for it: their childhood.

But a beam of light shines in the darkness. You can be this beam of light for a Ukrainian child. Your support can help a child survive and develop. Find your way of helping…http://A Child in Ukraine Need You

I wish you a happy weekend and a peaceful sky.


The joy of reunion was great

It was so nice to come to Eskilstuna and meet my old and new friends! The joy of reunion was great.

We talked about post traumatic stress and reactions to crisis.

I admire the Ukrainians’ courage and their will to fight on day after day, although the going is tough. It is not easy to settle in a new country, and each one of them carries their own war experiences in their rucksacks.

🖌 Jennifer

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