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It’s Friday!

Some of the events over the week:

Our Ukrainian friends in Eskilstuna

Almost all of us were ill during the week – both children and adults. The kids played in the rain and enjoyed the puddles. This was something new for them. And so much fun.

Our Team in Ukraine had their medical check-ups that were required because they work among children. They are in good health and all can continue working.

The children come to Friend’s House to draw, eat, play, read, jump… and just to enjoy being together.

The happiest news of the week is that the children have started school. They still have online lessons, but they can come to school on a few days for a few lessons.

Village people help each other

It’s always good to share. Wonderful and considerate people live in our villages. Many of them brought to Friend’s House clothes and shoes they no longer need, to be given to others.

Thank you for sharing. We started distributing the clothes today… and we continue tomorrow.

Katerina, relief programme coordinator

Sweet and colourful greetings to Ukrainian soldiers

We sent sweets and children’s drawings to our soldiers at the front. Because we arre Childreen’s Embassy, our support is sweets and not arms.

Chocolate produces positive hormones, and drawings produce joy. This is what our soldiers at the front need.

Now we wish you a happy weekend – it’s Friday!

What are your plans for the weekend?

/ Children’s Embassy Team

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