Weekly News – 8/21

The last week of February is ending. It’s time to welcome spring, new ideas, plans and spring mood.

Thank you for helping children forward in their lives. Thank you for being with us. We are one big Children’s Embassy family.

I’m Tanya, and I’m happy to tell you about this past week.

Ukraine has continued quarantine until April 30th. Since February 24th, there are various quarantine zones in all regions, according to the stage of the epidemic.

Friend’s House is full of life. Children come daily to their hobby circles and to enjoy each other’s company. The children feel safe in Friend’s House. It is fantastic to have a place like this in our village.

With your help, the children continue to have warm lunch at school. This is a significant help to poor families. It is better to study after a good lunch than when you are hungry.

We are helping distressed families. In one of these, the parents of five children were tested and saw a doctor in Kyiv. They did not have the money for this.

We are so happy that our Sveta (relief programme worker in Kyiv) gave birth to a baby girl. She is on maternity leave now and enjoying motherhood.

Have a nice weekend, everyone. Be healthy and happy! 🙂
Tanya, social media

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